Winery Products

Wine energy represents a range of products that fit every modern winery. The products we represent have a long-standing reputation of quality in the wine industry and understand the tradition and heritage wineries cultivate. These products also react well in the regionally diverse Australian wine market. Our local representatives have a thorough knowledge of local conditions and are happy to discuss how our products best fit with the wine region they service.  

Equipment for winemaking from Bucher Vaslin

Bucher Vaslin equipment has long held a reputation as a leader in the field with cost effective solutions. Around the work, vineyards turn to Bucher Vaslin for reliability and performance. Wine energy are pleased to represent the Bucher Vaslin range in New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia. 

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Gaz management, Selective extraction, temperature control from Parsec

Specialising in cellar engineering and interactive vinification automation, Parsec collaborates with Wine Energy to provide integrated solutions to modernise the winemaking process. Our innovative solutions improve the quality of wines, safety and cellar productivity and are part of an interactive and predictive oenology approach.

Magnetic Separator from Aurora

Fencing staples, nails or wire will do a lot of damage to expensive equipment such as must pumps, crushers and presses if they are not removed from the product. The cost is not only in repairing or replacing the damaged equipment but also in the loss of product, and subsequent down time and loss of production. This is where FORCE 10 Magnetic Separators from Aurora will avert this loss.

Nitrogen Generator from Absoger 

The Absoger Genius is long held as the modular nitrogen generator of choice throughout the French wine industry. The increasing needs of modern wineries are taken into account with the Absoger Genius, with the ability to expand production at a future date. Wine energy distributes the Genius throughout Australia.

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Predictive Oenology from Inozy

The Inozy range of Smart Glass and Smart Oak are essential in a modern winery. The precision and range of control makes the process streamlined and easier to command, putting the power directly in your hand. Wine energy distributes the Inozy range of Smart Glass and Smart Oak throughout Australia.

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Natural Cork from Parramón Exportap

There are a wide range of natural and microgranulate cork stopper solutions on the market. Wine energy chooses to represent Parramonexportap natural cork stoppers on their reputation. The technical specifications of Parramon Exportap stoppers comply with international standards and are designed to fit standard CETIE bottle necks. A range of stoppers with special measurements is also available.  

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